The validator: 3 tools to help you get off to a good start

  1. Module & Theme validation

The Validator is a tool created to check if your extension is technically compatible with the PrestaShop standards. You can:

The Validator then creates a detailed report explaining what needs to be improved/changed to improve compatibility with PrestaShop and other extensions.

  1. The Module Generator

Have you thought about saving time with our Module Generator yet? Choose your module type and follow the instructions. A skeleton module is then generated to facilitate the creation of your module.

  1. Method search engine

A search engine is available within the Validator to help you work out which methods are available for the various versions of PrestaShop. Make the most of this and use it to save time! It is not entirely up-to-date but we intend to work on it. You can find the search engine here.

Information: 3 steps to pass technical validation

1. A development environment

You can create and test your module on whatever environment you like. Could be Windows using WampServer, Linux on local, docker, etc. The important thing to remember is to always activate the display of error messages.

To make this easier, PrestaShop features a Dev Mode, which allows you to configure your use of PHP to display error messages. There are 2 methods to activate Dev Mode:

define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);

Important: stores which are up and running must not be used in Dev Mode!

2. Follow good practices

You can read this article: Good practices for developing modules.

3. Use the Validator to optimize your module

The Validator explains exactly what you need to modify for your module to be compliant with our technical requirements (technical errors, forbidden features or structural problems, etc.).

Are the recommendations provided preventing your module from working properly? Contact us, we will be happy to help you develop your module.

Update your modules and create themes for PrestaShop

The developer documentation is the main source of information about module & theme development:

How to submit a product to the Addons marketplace

After creating the perfect product page using the Contributor Kit, submit your module for technical validation.


At this stage, you can find the module_key for your module. This is to be entered into the constructor in this format:

public function __construct() {
  // etc.
  $this->module_key = 'c1614c239af92968e5fae97f366e9961';

This will signal to the seller when an update of your module is available in the back-office. You should describe the modifications made one by one when an update is made. Don't forget to indicate which versions of PrestaShop your module is compatible with!

Your file and the permanent name of your module

The zip archive submitted to our team must contain all the necessary files for your module, and have the same name as your module: if the main file of your module is called "module_name.php", then it should be in the folder "module_name", and the zip file must have the same name - without a version number.

Make sure that the name used for your file and zip is the same that you have given to your product page (so that the online seller can quickly identify your module in the back office of their store). So think carefully about the name you choose for your product (without using either "PrestaShop" or "module"). Feel free to personalize the name, for example with the name of your company or your initials