Changelog v.5.0.0 2022-10-18

  • [Core] : Authentication goes through PrestaShop Account
  • [Core] : Removed compatibility options from upload form
  • [Core] : Exported a page about validation from the Open-Source project documentation
  • [Core] : Updated links to documentation in the validation tabs
  • [Core] : Upgraded to Laravel Framework 9
  • [Core] : Upgraded dependencies and PHP
  • [Module validation] : PHP traits & __DIR__ constants aren't reported anymore
  • [Module validation] : base64_decode, base64_encode, stripslashes, strlen, strtolower, strtoupper, substr, ucfirst are allowed
  • [Module validation] : “Standard” Tab has been reworked. It used to run CodeSniffer with the PSR2 rules set, it now runs PHP-CS-Fixer with rules for Symfony. Text at the top of the tab has been updated to introduce PHP-CS-Fixer
  • [Module validation] : “Compatibility” Tab as been reworked. The validator used to parse the module code and compare it with the Core dictionary of classes/methods/functions. It now runs PHPStan along with recent versions of PrestaShop (> 1.7.6). If the compliancy covers older versions of PrestaShop, the old process will still be run.