Changelog v.2.7.5 2015-07-20

Bug fix
  • [Validation] : Fixed bug with namespaces error messages
  • [Validation] : Fixed bug with excluded paths & assets
  • [Validation] : Fixed bug with security validation (was not checking every tags properly)
  • [Validation] : Fixed bug with PDF reporting & PSR-2
  • [Plateform] : Add info about coding standard used for validation
  • [Validation] : Disallow more system program execution functions (passthru, shell_exec, system, etc.)
  • [Validation] : Allow the use of 'json_encode' as a Smarty escape modifier
  • [Validation] : Detect BOM markers
  • [Validation] : Autogenerated file 'Thumbs.db' must now be removed from the modules content